1The TIELLE Impianti S.r.l. is one company that operates actively in the system field gives beyond 15 years.
Our objective is to orient and to accompany the customer in the realization of the works, from the planning, to the drawing up of the reporting requirements for law.
Our competences concur us to operate in civil, industrial, terziario and public within, realizing works buildings and system electrical workers, of conditioning, alarm systems, systems of lighting system, systems of structured wiring, let alone the execution of systems to high specialistico content, which those for atmospheres hospitals worker and know them operating.
The structure is enriched moreover, from one division specialized in the building field.
TIELLE Impianti S.r.l. makes head work groups that diversify the own professionalities in the fields:

  • Systems industrial electrical workers;
  • Systems of conditioning and heating;
  • Automation and industrial instrumentation;
  • Special systems (antintrusione, allarmamento, antintrusione, control approached, TVCC...);
  • Transport and management of mark them with traditional technologies;
  • Transport and management of mark them with field bus;
  • Systems of structured wiring (branch, fiber optics, wi-fi...);
  • Telephone systems (traditional, VoIP...);
  • Computer science nets and services serveur

2TIELLE Impianti S.r.l. carry out activity of advising, planning, realization and installation of automation systems, integrating instrumentation and elements of control, supplying is auxiliary services that totals “CHIAVI IN MANO”.

The experience of technicians TIELLE Impianti S.r.l., integrated to a flexible and dynamics corporate structure, assures to the Customer a service of ready participation on the systems and the installed instrumentation.

TIELLE Impianti S.r.l. supplies services of engineering developing and creating:

    • Services of engineering technical and trained to you;
    • Preventive advising to the planning with inspection, taken vision of the problematic progettuali and the requirements of necessary specialistiche professionalities, elaboration of a job plan;
    • Preliminary planning/feasibility with analysis and evidenziazione of the aspects works them, technical and ecological, solution and drawing up layout with progettuali concepts alternatives, integrations with the job of other professionals, estimate of principle of the costs;
    • Definitive planning with definitive esteem of the amounts and the costs with directory prices;
    • Executive planning with preparation of contract documents, capitola you, computes metric estimated to you, analysis prices, plan of maintenance and cronoprogramma;
    • Direction works, attendance to the D.L., accounting;
    • Final documentation of the work, I reorder designs and documents;
    • Tests.

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